Freestanding Single Ballet Bar

The portable ballet barre is ideal for ballet training and will fit easily for gym center, ballet, dance studio school and home use.

It is multi-functional, not only can do Ballet Fitness, but also can do leg stretch, calf massage…etc.

Height is adjustable, so it is sutiable for all family from children, teenager, adult, to elders.


Place of Origin:  Made In Taiwan

  • // Features


    • You can easily adjust the height range according to your suitability from the floor to top.
    • The anti-slip pad will not be scratched the floor.
    • Plastic washers protect the tubes to avoid stretching and tightening screw firmly
    • This is ideal for stretching and dancing and is very suitable for professional use.
    • For the metal bar with wooden powder coated, It is durable and will not break, can be used forever.
  • // Specification

    Build-up size: L110cm x H 113cm

    K/D Upper Main bar x 2pc ( Push-button type)

    Bar dia. 38mm, wooden coated

    Micro adjustable heights

    Height: Lowest 70cm, Max. 113cm

    Mateiral: Metal, Powder coated

    stand in ㄇ shape, with rubber cap for non-slipery

    Adjustable tubes Dia. 35mm, H55cm

    Lower bar (for steady) Dia.19mm, 2pc (push-button type)

    Side bar: Dia.38mm x H 98cm, 2pc