Resistance Puller

Resistance bands are likely the best inexpensive training tool you can get. Whether you are a beginner or already at an advanced fitness level, resistance band exercises can give your muscles a good challenge. Use resistance bands for exercises that target any body part without putting extra pressure on the joints. Resistance bands are small and lightweight, making them easy to travel with and to stash in a small space. We are one of professional manufacturer in resistance bands, made in Taiwan. Types of resistance bands we supply are: Resistance Loop Exercise Bands, Resistance Pull Up Band set, MINI LOOP BANDS, Lower body training band, Resistance pulling tubes with different thickness, dia of tubes for various resistance power.

Rubber Pull Exerciser
Resistance Tube
Pull Exerciser With EVA Foam Handle
Latex Pull Expander With Foam Handle
Adjustable Expander Set
Adjustable Expander Set
Adjustable Expander Set
Adjustable Expander Set
Resistance Band Puller
Adjustable 4 Jelly Loop with S-Shape Hook Resistance Band
Soft Expander
Foam Handle Soft Expander
Toning Tube
Exercise Band
Double Toning Tubes