Ballet Bar With Slide Board

Barre, Stretch Multi-function Fitness Stand with slide board

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

Combine the fitness ballet stand with Slide board ,to increase the strength, to improve balance and proprioception, allowing you to “ice skate” to burn calories and build cardio endurance. Barre exercises will also sculpt and lean the legs.

  • // Features

    * Unique product mix helps make core strengthening exercises, ballet training and cardio more fun.

    * Barre exercises will sculpt your entire body, combining with the slide board, these two will burn calories effectively.

    * Height adjustable ballet bar fits all ages, and levels.

    * Slide board can be rolled up for easy storage and carry.

    * Ballet bar stand with unique K/D Patented construction, to save space after dis-assembled, or for carry and movement.


  • // Specification

    Ballet bar stand-

    Height adjustable : Max 117cm, Lowest 60.5cm

    Length 190cm

    Slide board-

    Width: 50cm x L180cm

    * Slide board length available in : 160, 180, 200, 230cm