Fitness, Ballet, Yoga, Stretch Stand& Ballet Stand

Multi-functional ballet fitness stand can do pull up, inverse, push up, push down, stretch ladder, body stretching, leg stretch, and so on….

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

Pass ISO EN20957-1 test



  • // Features
    • Detachable: bars are detachable and so able to inverse to other fitness stand.
    • Height of fitness stand is adjustable to fit different requests.
    • Ballet training stand: Can convert to Double Ballet stand.
    • Optional to purchase more wooden bars, and Joints, can add the length of the Ballet bars for more people to use.
    • Stretch ladder: Can assemble the wooden bars in one side convert to stretch ladder. Bars height is adjustable!
    • Easy assemble: Unique innovate and design in bar construction, so be able to assemble easily.
    • With unique plastic washers to avoid the scratch.
    • Easy store: Total with 10 bars, easy to store.
  • // Functions
    • Pull up
    • Inverse (optional to purchase Inverse belt)
    • Push up
    • Push down
    • Ballet bar for 2~4 people. Length is able to add for more persons (if purchase additional wooden bars)
    • As stretch ladder for legs, body stretching
    • Leg stretch
  • // Specification

    Assembled size:

    1) For pull up function: 200x98x79cm

    2) For ballet, push up, inverse function: 110x98x79cm