T Base Ballet Barre

Freestanding Ballet, stretch fitness bars, K/D assembly base

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

  • // Features
    • K/D assembly: easy assemble, dis-assembly. Save space for storage and carry !
    • Horizontal bars are made by metal with wooden pattern powder coated, looks exactly same as the real wood, but never break!
    • Wooden bars can be adjusted to your desired heights for different ballet exercises practice, stretching…
    • Inverse type “ T” Bases, with patented construction to assemble the Upright bar with base. This unique construction keep the steady for the whole set and save space after dis-assembly and convenient for carry, storage.
    • Feet bottom with anti-slip pads to assure the steady for the ballet barre set.
  • // Specification
    • Height: Adjustable Max. 108.5cm, lowest height 65cm
    • Length of bars: Contains 2 bars. K/D assembled
    • Available length in 122, 153, 214, 418cm or your desired lengths.