Freestanding Double Ballet Bar

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

Ideal for ballet training and will fit easily for gym center, ballet, dance studio school and home use.

It is multi-functional, not only can do Ballet Fitness, but also can do leg stretch, calf massage…etc.

Height is adjustable, so it is sutiable for all family from children, teenager, adult, to elders.

  • // Features
    • You can easily adjust the height range according to your suitability from the floor to top.
    • The anti-slip pad will not be scratched the floor.
    • Plastic washers protect the tubes to avoid stretching and tightening screw firmly
    • This is ideal for stretching and dancing and is very suitable for professional use.
    • For the metal bar with wooden powder coated, It is durable and will not break, can be used forever.
  • // Specification

    Build-up size: L110cm x H113cm

    Upper bar: Dia.38mm x L110cm X 2 pc (one piece type)

    Side bar: Dia.38mm x H 98cm

    Lower bar (for steady) Dia.19mmxL117.5cm

    stand in ㄇ shape, with rubber cap for non-slippery