Mini Exercise Ball- Cantaloupe Pattern Surface

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

Mini Exercise ball for Barre, Pilates, Gymnastic

This exercise balls are the ideal way to add diversity and challenge to your everyday workouts such in Barre, Pilates, gymnastic or part of physiotherapy and rehabilitation routine.

  • // Features
    • It helps to target and strengthen smaller muscle groups, perfect for pelvic floor exercises, as well as deep core muscles.
    • It can also help to develop endurance, concentration, and coordination.
    • This softball, also known as an over ball, which provides excellent anti slip
    • These balls are super popular for adding variation and interest for clients as well as providing support and gentle resistance.
  • // Specification

    1) Size: 20cm, Color: pink

    2) Size: 25cm, Color: green

    3) Size: 30cm, Color: purple