Adjustable Whole Body Stretch band

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

  • // Features

    * Increase and develop the muscle strength, power. .
    * Provide the both support and stretch in one band.
    * Allows it to be used in full body stretches (such as a ballet arabesque).
    * Adjusted to target specific, smaller body parts (such as shoulders or hamstrings).
    * Adjustable loops to use for different resistance and flexibility levels.
    * Enhancing flexibility and deepening the stretch.
    * Attached with comfortable neoprene cover to support the shoulder area.

  • // Specification

    Strap material: Cotton
    Cover: Neoprene
    Including label sewing on strap*1pc
    Label size: 7.4x1.87cm
    Our standard color: Blue, pink, purple, black, red