Oval Gym Ball

Place of Origin:  Made In Taiwan

Improves chest activity and waist flexibility.

  • // Features

    1)     Improves chest activity and waist flexibility.

    2)     Tones arms and legs muscles. Increases body natural balance.

    3)     Tones abdominal and back muscles. Improves arms and legs flexibility.

    4)     Relives heartburn and stretches arms, back and legs muscles.

    5)     Trims waistline, legs, and relieves back pain.

    6)     Balance & mind training: smooth whole body, improves waist & legs softness. Trains body balance, improves lower & upper body balance.

    7)     Relaxes back muscles and improves back flexibility.

    8)     Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.

  • // Specification

    Material: PVC

    Packing: Poly bag

    Normal: L95~105cm, dia.40cm (1100g)

    Normal: L95~105cm, dia.53cm (1250g)

    Anti-Bust: L95~105cm, dia.40cm (1200g)

    Anti-Bust: L95~105cm, dia.53cm (1350g)