Heathy Comfortable balance ball chair with puller

Encourage better posture:

Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.

  • // Features
    • Encourage better posture: A Good replacement for office chair or school chair. So that can improve your posture easily. Also can prevent back pain and release muscle fatigue.
    • Engage your core and balance: Even while you are watching TV or slipping the smart phone, can move your pelvis or raise your foot up and down to improve balance and strength your core.
    • Stretch your body: Surely can use as a gym ball. Can stretch body parts that you cannot stretch on your own!
    • If use with safety resistance puller, can also train your arms, shoulder and back.
    • Flexible microfiber cover give you a comfortable feeling when sit on the product.
    • Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.


  • // Specification

    Product size: Dia. 48xH47 cm (Max)

    Product weight: 3.2kg

    Unique shape of balance ball provide bigger and comfortable sitting position