Yoga Wheel Set With Detachable Foam Cover

Detachable foam cover which provide two patterns for replacement.

It is great way to help you remove the old one and expand your stretch limits safety.

  • // Features:
    • Help you stretch and fully open your chest.
    • Help you instant pain relief, release tension and muscle tightness in your back and shoulders.
    • Promote blood flow throughout your entire body.
    • It improves body balance, increase your flexibility and mobility.
  • // Specification:
    • Wheel size: Large(A), Medium(B), Small(C)

    Include 2 foam cover

    • Material: EVA+ PE+ Rubber



    Foam cover in Hedgehog pattern

    Thickness: 8mm

    Large: Dia.34cm

    Medium: Dia.28.5cm

    Small: Dia.17.5cm


    Foam cover in flat pattern

    Thickness: 6mm

    Large: Dia.33cm

    Medium: Dia.27.5cm

    Small: Dia.17cm