HD Deep Tissue Massage EPP Yoga Foam Roller

Increase flexibility and muscle recovery after yoga, pilates, crossfit, martial arts, weight training, running, and other sports.

Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.

  • // Features

    * The EPP foam roller is with high density, and hardness is 60~65 degree, can offer a deep tissue massage.

    *Increase flexibility and muscle recovery before & after workout.

    *Ideal for self-massage of limbs and isolated areas.

    *Improve joint range of motion, mobility, blood circulation and rehydrate tissue.

    *Eliminate trigger points (knots) & relieve tight muscles after weightlifting.

    * Can be used to assist with balance, core strengthening, and stretch training.

    * Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.

  • // Specifications

    Material: EPP

    Dia. 14 cm x Length 18" (45cm)

    Hardness: 60~65 degree

    Color: black, blue, red or mixed 2 or 3 colors

    mixed colors: black, white, red, blue