Splitting Board - Wooden & Plastic & EVA

The Splitting Board creates for Specialized Martial art exercise like Karate and Tae Kwon. Do popularization and enhancement. The one to five plywood insert can support training and competition condition accordingly.

No doubt, it is very smart product that supports either funny game or training.

Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.

  • // Features
    1. To train the technique and strength at Tournaments and Demonstrations.
    2. Safety: Split the boad by focus the center EVA soft area, to avoid the dangerous to fingers or hands.
    3. Repeat using: Take out broken plywood pieces and replace the new ones for continuing playing.
    4. Available to place plywood one to five pcs into one side of wooden board or add wooden board according the workout position.
    5. Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.
  • // Specifications

    One Standard set including:

    1. 3pc x Main board (split in 2 half boards), size:30x15x2.2cm
    2. 2pc x Side boards, size:20x9.5x2.3cm
    3. 70pcs x Plywood pieces per pack, size: 5.5x3x0.2cm

    Available for extra main boards, and plywood pieces if required.

    Product weight : 2.2kg