Magnetic Massage Twist Board 10"

Magnet Massage Twist Board are designed to tone your physique amd improve balance.

Can work your core strength to help you avoid back injury.

With 4 magnet points on each foot to improve the blood circulation

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

  • // Features

    1) Massage figure twister board can improve the skew pelvis, exercise muscles, the balance of muscles around the waist, and make the muscles in waist and buttock reach to systemic movement

    2) The anti-skid design can massage your feet, relieve your waist, refresh yourself and promote blood circulation.

    3) Massage Body twister can not only slim your waist, but also relieve the disturbance of blood circulation and the pain from nervous system of old people.

    4 ) With 4 magnet points on each foot to improve the blood circulation.

    5) It offers a high-impact, rotating platform that provides a platform for aerobic exercise

    6) The precision ball-bearing ride provides a smooth, fluid motion

    7) Small and compact, this trainer is easy to use and store at home



    Material: PP Plastic, IRON ball

    With 8pcs magnets on the twister.

    Size: DIA. 10”

    Unit Size: 254 x 254 x 30 mm

    Color: Orange, pink, blue or any Customized colors

    Unit Product Weight: 750g

    Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan