Combat battle Rope

Combat battle rope is extremely effective for a high intensity, full body, workout.

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

  • // Features


    • Combat (battle) rope provides variety of exercises, just a simple search for battle exercises shows dozens of variations of what you can do.
    • If you want to train lower body, just add lower body movements such as lunges or squats to your battle rope work out routines for all of your muscles at the same time.
    • Combat rope works each side of your body indinidually, which improves your balance and coordination on each side of the body.
    • Battle rope is most suitable for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), it can make you spend a lot of calories.
    • Braided rope and do not shed, and is non-abrasive making them perfect for indoor use.
    • Battling training ropes feature a plastic boot on each end to prevent fraying.
    • These ropes are the best choice for a gym or indoor training (can be used outside also).
    • Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.
  • // Specification

    Size: 1.5" X 6M

    Size: 1.5" X 9M

    Size: 1.5"X 12M

    Material: PE