Bearing Speed Jump Rope

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

  • // Features
    • Rotation by bearing for speedy jumping
    • Improve fitness level, build strength and endurance, and lose weight.
    • Enhance speed, agility, combination of an aerobic workout and coordination-building footwork.
    • Alleviate fatigue, strong muscle, improve blood circulation.
    • Training your cardiovascular system and burning calories.
    • Strengthen your arms and shoulders.
    • It's appropriate for a wide range of ages and fitness levels from beginners to professionals, children to adults.
    • Suitable for a wide range of sporting workouts
    • Compact and light weight, easy to carry and storage, can use when in house, outdoor, travel, exercise at anytime, anywhere.
    • Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.
  • // Specification

    * Rope:

     Cable+PU rope: 1.8 x 4mm x 308cm

     TPR Rope: dia.6mm x 310cm

     PVC rope: dia.6.5mm x 285cm

    * Handle: PP