Adjustable Weight Hula Hoop

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

Flat Foam with Iron 3-5lb 

  • // Features

    * Hula Hoop is the most major waist trimming fitness equipment.

    * Enhance exercise intensity and fit your body perfectly.

    * Combines a variety of exercises and working on specific areas such as lower abdominals, lower back, buttocks, thigh…etc.

    * Detachable: easy and quick to assemble by the click locking system.

    * Portable: easy and quick to detach, convenient for carry and storage.

    * Easy to use and suitable for all ages.

    * Made of durable material.

    * Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.

  • // Specification

    Dia.100cm, 6 sections

    Material: PP, foam

    Hollow hula hoop: 3LB

    Available add iron (150g/pc) weight from 1~6pcs

    Max. weight to 5LB (with 6 iron weights inside)

    Foam: normal, without pass PAHS

    Flat hula hoop