Jelly Stretch Expander

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

Jelly Resistance Tubes has variety of performance according to your requirement, it can be folded or make a tie to use. Or it can be used with door attach, and so on. It is great for stretching your body and strength training. It can be make a tie wearing on the shoulders to strength the muscles of back, and prevent you from crookbacked.

  • // Features

    * O shape on four sides let people easy to handle.

    * High elastic and durable.

    * Colorful and light weight to carry.

    * Good for strength training and body building.

  • // Specification

    Dimension: 47CM x Dia. 1CM
    Weight: 116G
    Material: TPR Tube
    Three Tension: Light (Pink), Medium (Orange), Heavy (Blue)