Jelly Expander

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

Designed handles with holes for extra exercises for fingers, combine the fingers exercises with expander, relax both your body and fingers.

  • // Features

    Features as Expander:

    • There 3 kinds of resistance in one jelly expander, and it will perform different resistance by holding the different hole.
    • The inner hole of the expander is heavy resistance, and the outer of the expander is the light resistance.
    • It is suitable for people training from light resistance to heavy resistance.

    Features as Fingers grip:

    • Rehabilitation: Strengthens hand, fingers and forearm for people who in stroke.
    • Enhance and strengthen the palms griping power for the following people: Golf player, Baseball player, Table tennis player, Tennis player, Badminton player, Croquet player, Piano player, billiard player…
    • Silver markets: Good for elder people to enhance their handy griping power.
    • Improve fingers flexibility, works muscles separately or in tandem
    • Stress relief: reduce your pressure or anger…
    • Compact and portable for training at any time, any place.
  • // Specification

    Heavy (Blue)

    Medium (Orange)

    Light (Pink)

    Material: TPR