8 Shape TPR Handle Soft Expander Resistance Band

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

  • // Features
    • This soft expander was made by high quality TPR which could substitute traditional steel spring expander.
    • High elastic and durable material
    • Comfortable handle
    • The weight of this expander is light and easy to carry.
    • It is safer for young generation or elder person to use.
    • Use it for few minutes every day and you could achieve your target easily.
  • // Specification

    8 shape with soft handle

    Size B: 10mm x 2.5mm x 106cm (Gray)

    Size C: 9mm x 2mm x 106cm (Blue)

    Size E: 8mm x 2mm x 106cm (Yellow)

    D: (Red)

    Material: TPR, foam

    Color: red, gray, blue, yellow or customized