Adjustable Pull Exerciser

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

Our Resistance exercise tube was made of high quality TPR material and with comfortable handle. User will feel safer while doing exercise. Also, they can change different tubes according your training level, from lightest to heaviest tension.

  • // Features
    • TPR tube is adjustable. It’s depends on different training level.
    • Comfortable TPR handle.
    • Safer and easier for everyone to do exercise.
    • Colorful and high elastic TPR material.
    • Eco-Friendly and no-toxic material.
  • // Specification

    Material: TPR Tube, Foam, Fabric.

      Size A: TPR tube-15mm x 4.0mm x 110CM

      Size B: TPR tube-14mm x 3.5mm x 110CM

      Size C: TPR tube-13mm x 3.0mm x 110CM

      Color: Yellow, Grey, Blue or Customized.