Rubber Pull Exerciser

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

Our Resistance Tubes was made of high quality TPR material, not regrind material. By different training level that people could use different thickness (tension) of TPR tubes. There are three different tube sizes for you to choose. Also, each tube’s length is changeable. Using it every day then you can achieve your goal easily.

  • // Features

    * Tube was made of Eco-Friendly Material.

    * High elastic tube to use.

    * Comfortable Foam handle.

    * Light weight to carry.

    * Different tension for you to choose.

  • // Specification

    Tube Size:

    A-12.5mm x 2.5mm x 125CM
    B-11.5mm x 2.0mm x 125CM
    C-10.5mm x 1.6mm x 125CM

    Material:  TPR Tube

    Color: Grey, Red, Black.