Door Gym Suspension Trainer

The Door gym suspension trainer that provide a full body workout with a small footprint.

It utilizes your own body weight to engage core stability, balance, and mobility.

Place of Origin: Made In Taiwan

  • // Features:
    • The Suspension Trainer is functional exercises for the whole body
    • Suspension training system provide a flexible workout that challenges your strength against gravity.
    • It is an ultra-efficient total-body workout, that improves flexibility, builds muscle, develops functional strength, and support cardiovascular health.
    • You can use it to strengthen your back, shape your chest, arms, legs and abs, and give your total body workout.
    • Easily attaches to most doors. Just slip the loop over the door and the stopper will secure fix on the door once the door is closed or you could also hang on door bar.
    • The straps with length indicator which you can adjust the length of the rope according to your requirement.
    • Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.