3 in 1 Twister with Rotating Push Up Bar

 3 in 1 Twister with Rotating Push Up Bar

  • // Features

    Features of Push Up:

    * One of the most basic fitness exercises that can easily improve upper body strength.

    * Build and tone your chest, arms, back, shoulders muscles and abs.

    * Target your biceps, triceps, and pectorals.

    * Give a greater range of motion, giving you better and more efficient development of muscle groups.

    * Relieves stress on your wrists and joints.

    * Great for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced

    * Compact and light weight, easy carry and storage, can travel with you wherever you go.

    * Convenient and easy, you can do anywhere without going to the gym.


    Features of Twister:

    * An excellent multi-functional product, can be used as Push Up Bar, Rotation Push Up Bar, and Power Twister.

    * Help slim and tone the thighs, waist, and hips.

    * Improve the skew pelvis, exercise muscles, and adjust the balance of muscles around the waist.

    * Increases stamina and tones the muscles in the upper and lower torso.

    * Not only slim your waist, but also relieve the disturbance of blood circulation and the pain from nervous system of old people.


  • // Specifications

    * Comfort grip handles provide easy push up exercises

    * Rotating push up brings different muscles exercises than normal push up bars

    * The separate two twist disks give the extra functions for twisting exercises.