Multi-Function Aerobic Step

Can be changed according to your needs for Aerobic Step, Inclined step, Push up board, Balance board.


  • // Feature
    • This MULTI-FUNCTION AEROBIC STEP is designed to provide you with elevated, slant, balance and push up that can be changed according to your personal needs.
    • It is very useful for the purpose of different exercises which are essential to your workout.
    • This Fitness Step will help you get closer to achieve your health and fitness goals. You can even workout at home.
    • It is ideal for home use that will help you strengthen the muscles of the whole body.
    • The aerobic step will help strengthen leg muscles, gluteal muscles and the cardiovascular system. Moving the feet up and down help you burn more calories.
    • Made In Taiwan. Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.
  • // Specification

    Size: 40.5X 30.3X10.5cm

    Material: PP