AB Wheel With Tube

Abdominal Training Wheel with rope, Ab Core Wheel with tube set

Feature: Dual wheels with rope, with comfort foam handles

Good for: Tones abs, arms, shoulders and back. 
Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.

  • // Features:
    • Targets your abs, shoulders, arms and back.
    • Dual wheels for increased stability.
    • Comfortable, easy grip handles
    • Lightweight, portable and easy to use.
    • Help sculpting and toning core and upper body.     
    • Available with comfortable knee pad if require.
  • // Specifications
    • Dual wheels
    • Product size: 78x32x15cm
    • Latex Tube: 12mm x 2.5mm x 110cm x 2pc
    • Material: PP with Rubber wheel, PVC Handle