AB Wheel with adjustable brake

Uniquely designed with adjustable distance brake that help you maintain  steady AB wheel workout to avoid wheel spin out of control, amd prevents injuries from skidding. 



  • // Features

    *The adjustable brake can be set for appropriate distance according to your range capabilities and different intensities.

    *The setting device of brake is on both sides of the handles, and the distance range is 100~200cm from the starting position.

    * By pushing further, you can gradually increase the resistance to get stronger.

    *With a broad wheel help users to control the motion and comfortable to handle.

    *Best for beginner to get familiar with AB wheel and to reach full knee ab rollouts, and the brake can prevent injuries from skidding.

  • // Specification

    * Wheel: W8cmx Dia.16cm

    * Length: 31cm