3D Reusable & Adjustable Face Mask

Washable and reusable face mask is made from breathable and elasticity material.

Combined with a medical mask can add an extra barrier.

  • // Features

    1) Made from Skin-Friendly and breathable materials to prevent droplet transmission, and dust protection.

    2) More than 80% bacteria filtration efficiency rate.

    3) Can be washed and reused, making them environmentally friendly.

    4) If using combined with medical mask can add an extra barrier to extend the life of medical mask.

    5) The adjustable ear loops enable comfort fit for all age groups.

    6) Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.

  • // Specification

    Size: Unisex , one-size design fits most faces.

    Material: 3-layer: Lycra+ Non-woven fabric + bamboo charcoal cloth