Weighted massage ball

  • Improve the posture, balance, flexibility, coordination, core strength and muscle tone.

          It can be used for relaxation and massage in parts of the body.

  • Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.
  • // Features
    • Good for improving your strength, flexibility, posture, rehabilitation or weighted training.
    • Designed with massage surface, and iron sands are available if needed.
    • Release muscle tension and working muscles in an upper back, quadriceps muscle.
    • Massage the soles of your feet by sitting in a chair and rolling your foot over the ball on the floor.
    • Increase muscular endurance and core strength by posture ball with iron sand.
    • Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.
  • // Specification
    • Size: Dia.5”
    • Weight: 1) Without iron sand (240g)

    Filled with iron sand (3pcs/ 850g)

    Filled with iron sand (6pcs/ 1.45kg)

    • Available single or dual color: black, grey, blue, green, red, yellow, purple or camouflage.