Tank Rebound AB Wheel

Place of Origin:  Made In Taiwan

This tank rebound AB wheel has two large wheels and wide-bodied structure. Compare with narrow wheel, it is more stable and durable. It is suitable for indoor exercise, it offers great balance and targets your abs, arms, shoulders and back for a strength building workout, it gives you one of the best core and upper body sculpting and toning exercises you can get.

  • // Features
    • Targets your abdominal, waist exercise and back training.
    • Burn calories, build muscle and improve your overall endurance.
    • Help sculpting and toning core and upper body.      
    • With a counter display, it helps you count easily.
    • Automatic rebound function, it easily move forward and backward.
    • The structure is all-in-one molding (no screws), so it is durable and stability.
    • The wheels have anti-skid pattern design. It is non-slip, wear-resisting, it does not hurt the floor.
    • Simple, easy to use and compact, it works for beginners.
    • The bracket can be used to put the phone.
    • Extra thick knee pad mat is available.
  • // Function

    Stable rebound, 1.8M
    Include the count which shows motion parameters:
    (1) Calories (CAL)
    (2) Distance (DIST)
    (3) Exercise time (TIME)
    (4) The total number

  • // Specification

    * Size: L24.5xW40xH17cm (Front width: 10.5cm, Back width: 40cm)

    * Material: PP, TPR steel strip, Stainless steel tube, Silicone

    * Product weight: 1.6kg

    * Maximum load: 150kg

    * Assembly required.(the handle& steel tube)