Height Adjustable Incline Push up bar with Foam Grips

K/D assembly Push up bar, which is correspondingly embedded in different deep groove, can adjust the height of the handrail to train different muscle groups. Angled Incline design is great for a wide variety of upper body exercises.

  • // Features:
    • Height adjustable (3 levels), can be train different muscle groups with more hand positions.
    • Pair of two lightweight and portable push-up stand, that is easy to assemble and carry out.
    • Hexagon body stands are stable and do not wobble.
    • Include no-slip foam on handles provide more comfortable grips.
    • Strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest, triceps and core stability.
    • Improve your coordination and mobility.
    • Unique design for K/D assembly
    • Angled incline design prevent hand and wrist fatigue.
  • // Specification:

    * Assembly size: L33.5xW15.5cm

    * 3 level height:

    NO.1) Max: 23cm, min: 19cm (The Highest)

    NO.2) Max: 20.5cm, min: 16.5cm

    NO.3) Max: 19cm, min: 15cm (The lowest)

    * Hexagon seat body show 3 numbers on the stands.

    An arrow of side grip aims to required height level (Both numbers on the stands should be the same).