Full-body Workout Gliding Discs

Full-body Workout Gliding Discs can strengthen your whole body. Can be used them both on tiled floors or carpets. Also can be used as push up bars.

  • // Features

    1) Improve balance and stability, strengthen your whole body from head to toe.

    2) Two side, two material. Put the fabric side down to slide on hard surfaces such as wood or tiled floors or use the smooth side of the gliding disc to slide easily on carpet.

    3) Comes with detachable handles so that can be used as push up bars.

    4) Produced by Taiwan manufacturer with good quality.

  • // Specification

    1) Hexagon Glide disc x 2pcs

       Size: L25cm x W23cm x Thickness: 1.3cm

    2) Handle bars x 2pcs

       Size: L20cm x W7cm x H6.5cm

    3) Material: PP, NBR, Iron